School bullying: Students bullied to their breaking point bring weapons to school

It happens with great frequency. Kids are bullied in school until the point their torment becomes too much to handle. That’s when some feel they have to protect themselves and begin secretly bringing a weapon to school. Hidden in book bags or pockets, they know that it’s a serious violation of school policy to possess a knife or any dangerous instrument in school. But by that point, a significant percentage of students who’ve been subject to ongoing and serious threats of school bullying don’t think — they react.

The most recent case to make the news comes out of Ohio and is a perfect example of this growing phenomenon. I regularly serve as attorney to students and families in quite similar cases here in Montgomery County schools and in schools around Maryland. Age seems to make no difference.

Students who are victims of bullying can easily find themselves facing expulsion for bringing weapons to school in their misguided efforts to defend against bullying. From very young kids in elementary school through kids in every grade on through high school, there has been a marked increase in victim/weapon expulsions across the U.S.

Our law firm has represented kids as young 7 in these disturbing cases. Of course it’s wrong to bring a dangerous object to school — the most serious student offense of all — but these are kids who were caught carrying a weapon on school grounds as a result of their dire desperation to protect themselves against bullying.

Instead of focusing the microscope on specific incidents of weapon-totting students, schools should focus on what they need to do to protect their students from bullying, so students will not feel the need to protect themselves in school.

  • Billyo61

    Oh, I get it. Kids are bullied to the point of no return and when the try to protect themselves their school comes down on the victims of the abuse. Where were the schools when the bullies were making life awful for these desperate, misguided kids?!?!

  • michelle pannell

    My child is in the same predictament it is said when the schools should be a safe haven for our children when away from home it seems the schools protect those who bully instead of thoses who are the victims of the bullying. bullying is a criminal offense depending on the state and jurisdiction i am advocating for my childs rights. the school police who is stationed there told my child , husband and i for my child to be the victim smh we need to fight for our childrens rights.

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