Client Matters

Client matters served by Patrick Hoover and the nearly three decades of legal experience behind HooverLaw, LLC, include a wide range of cases to be found in the courts, at school and in the administrative proceedings which directly involve children, youth, and their families. At HooverLaw, LLC, the focus of our practice and the effort we bring to each client is targeted at one objective: providing the finest legal representation possible, coupled with effective and meaningful advocacy always afforded to each client. The extensive history of legal representation at our firm is grounded in cases of juvenile delinquency and adult prosecution defense, school disputes impacting regular and special education law, school placement and programming, expulsion and suspension, community offenses of drug and weapons arrest, assault, drunk driving and traffic offenses, gun, marijuana and other forms of unlawful possession, domestic violence and abuse, theft, restitution, trail and appeal involving these and countless other matters focusing on legal advocacy for youth, teens, children and their families in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

We represent youth and their families.

People who are, or, may be, formally charged with unlawful conduct including all misdemeanors and felony offenses. State and federal constitutions guarantee each of us a full and fair defense under the law. We provide that defense through speedy and experienced advice, counsel and skilled legal representation resulting in the best possible outcome to our clients under the facts of each case.

HooverLaw, LLC and its special education practice, addresses legal issues and concerns found in both public and private schools.

These issues include suspensions, expulsions, placement services, reasonable accommodations, disciplinary and due process hearings held in conjunction with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act for children and youth who are emotionally disabled, struggling with Attention Deficit Disorder or from an assortment of other disabilities impacting education.

Our firm takes pride in its special work as counsel and advisor to children, youth and their families.

With almost 30 years of courtroom experience in all facets of criminal and civil trial law, our clients, throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia, have come to understand the meaning of trust and confidence in the services we provide.