Practice Areas

Legal Advocacy for Children and Youths

Is your son or daughter in need of legal representation?

Legal representation of children and teens has been woefully inadequate in all parts of our country for far too long. Our mission at HooverLaw, LLC is to furnish experienced, complete and highly qualified legal representation to children, teens and their families who have entrusted us with the role of legal adviser. We are committed to providing our clients with the finest legal representation and children’s advocacy services available. Whether it be in the courthouse or the school house — at the local, state or federal level — we promise to utilize every appropriate and reasonable means in order to support our clients and their cause.

Patrick Hoover and the staff at HooverLaw are supportive advocates for children and adolescents in need throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our education law practice takes us to all corners of Maryland and D.C. where we represent and actively advocate for students in school districts large and small, urban, suburban and rural. We aggressively advocate for students in need of help from a variety of causes and conditions by affording the support and legal protection the law provides and our attorneys demand.

Education Law

The field of Education Law — in both the public and private school setting — presents clients, their families and their advocates with many challenges.

Far too many students are ignored, shuffled from one placement to another and never given a chance to achieve true educational benefit in school. Education Law attorneys must be extremely familiar with the ever-changing and vast complexities of federal, state and local laws and regulations which together make up the body of legal authority in the field.

At HooverLaw, we have amassed decades of knowledge and experience, offering students and their families our expert educational advocacy. Federal law requires that schools provide the services and accommodations necessary in order for students to take real benefit from an effective and meaningful education. We appear before the schools, courts and relevant governmental agencies that by law empower and decide the terms of the student’s education. Working closely with our clients and consulting experts, we strive to bring real improvement in the form of a tangible, concrete, meaningful education to our student-clients.

We frequently serve as counsel and education advocate in the following types of Education Law cases:

  • Special Education Services
  • School Discipline Cases: Suspension and Expulsions
  • Transfer Requests
  • Residency Disputes
  • School Bullying
  • Police Involvement
  • Cyber-bullying and Internet Offenses
  • Parent-Teacher Disputes

When your child is not receiving the most appropriate public education provided under the law, we intervene. Our efforts force the school system to explain why your child is not receiving an appropriate education in light of all the relevant circumstances and require the school to correct and where appropriate, remediate the educational failure to which your student may have been subjected.

Juvenile Delinquency

If ever an attorney is needed, it is in Juvenile Court where children and their families are often faced with life-altering decisions of great consequence. Children and teens are the single most vulnerable population who may be faced with the frightening prospect of arrest and public prosecution. If your son or daughter, or any person for whom you are the responsible adult, becomes implicated in a criminal case, it is imperative you seek legal representation as swiftly as possible.

Patrick Hoover and the professionals at HooverLaw are experienced and have proven very effective in representing juveniles and youths faced with the overwhelming challenge of defending against charges of criminal conduct.

With nearly three decades of successful advocacy experience, the attorneys at HooverLaw bring the wisdom, experience and judgment necessary to provide our clients a finest legal support permissible by law. We will work to employ this proficiency and broad experience to best suit the needs of your child and teen.

At HooverLaw we represent both children and their family members when it is possible to do so without a conflict of interest. We frequently serve as counsel in the following types of Juvenile Court cases:

  • Delinquency
  • Juvenile Waiver to/from Adult Prosecution
  • Child Neglect and Children in Need of Support or Supervision
  • Peace Orders