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Pat Hoover's Tech Talk

For the first time in MSBA history — to my knowledge — a statewide group of the Maryland State Bar Association held a closed, multi-office conference meeting that was privately broadcast over the Internet between two cities some distance apart. Richard’s monthly meeting was held simultaneously in both Rockville and Baltimore, Maryland, where several members of the group attended and participated fully by way of the high-speed Internet connection and equipment located at both places/conference rooms.


The ABC’s of Education Law on March 6

Hear from a number of well-known legal and professional experts acclaimed for their work in the field. Our expert team will speak about topical issues in education law and help you learn to enhance your practice and obtain useful information for other areas of practice including juvenile, criminal and family law.


Charter schools arrive in the suburbs

Charter schools, an idea intended to promote innovation in education through the power of competition, have naturally held the greatest appeal in places where the local school systems have been the most dysfunctional — i.e. in urban centers with generally low levels of education, concentrated poverty, and high crime rates. But charter schools are not restricted solely to cities.