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It only takes a second

Prom season is over. Many of our high school seniors are away with good friends enjoying beach week. This is the perfect time to remember “it only takes a second.”


Bullying gone wild: Schools suspend student witnesses

Schools have increasingly mishandled recent incidents of bullying by often going after the victims of bullying rather than the bullies. In two recent examples of this damnable approach by public schools to the issue of bullying, the schools involved chose to punish the student witnesses of ongoing bullying.


Evaluating special education teachers: Implementing the IEP should be the standard

Abandoning a jury-rigged evaluation system based off new, potentially esoteric criteria and adopting a measurement system based on the IEP has an added benefit: it ties teacher success to student success. The new requirements would serve as a bolster to existing special education-related laws and regulations. The end result would be an increased likelihood of student success.